Soil Decontamination and Remediation

Industrial Environmental Services.

Industrial Environmental Services is a specialist in proven and practical soil treatment and remediation technologies. One of the goals of the company is to minimize material being diverted to landfills and to maximise the reuse and recycling of waste materials at their source.

Experienced soil treatment professionals.

Industrial Environmental Services maintains a team of professional soil remediation technologists, remediation management and a diverse network of equipment and trade services. This division is experienced in the delivery of contaminant stabilisation, as well as destruction and waste reduction techniques designed to reduce the cost of remediation.

IES is able to provide cost saving advice to consultants and site owners, during a project. IES is fully versed in the current regulatory environment, including Worksafe and EPA expectations for remediation projects with dangerous and toxic contaminants.

Site Remediation and Clean Up.

Industrial Environmental Services owns and operates a large range of its own equipment, ready for fast deployment to solve unforeseen challenges during remediation projects.

This Division has the ability to provide remediation design advice for soil and groundwater remediation, by actively assisting engineering and contaminated land consultants.IES maintains a professional approach to remediation with specific attention to detail during implementation of remediation plans.
IES has the skills to construct and operate onsite soil treatment plants, pugmills, batch mixing and groundwater treatment plants.

IES commonly undertakes full-service demolition and remediation works contracts requiring the management of site preparation works packages. This requires the development of works process design, the application for and attainment of various permits, licenses and regulatory approvals, compliance with legislative guidelines and the management of project timelines and budgets. IES utilises the services of subcontractors where required, such as specialist engineers, but maintains the overall management and control of every project. Historically, IES is able to add real value to remediation design works because of its extensive experience on site, which enables any technical or timeline issues to be controlled.


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