Occupational Health and Safety

Corporate Environmental Commitment

As an organisation directly involved in the demolition and recycling of redundant and fire affected structures and in providing environmental solutions for demolition and redevelopment projects, Industrial Demolition & Environmental Services recognises that a healthy natural and built environment is essential for sustainable development and for the health of our personnel and the end users of the sites on which we operate.

We are committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment when carrying out our services and when we leave a site. We set out with every project to minimise any environmental effect and task each of our project teams to address every concern prior to the commencement of works. If there is potential for any environmental risk, the problem is addressed and resolved before works proceed.

We accept and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry guidelines. If we can develop a way to do a task with an enhanced regard for environmental standards and outcomes, we adopt it.
As a company, we often form part of a larger team. We seek every opportunity to promote environmental care through our influence and dealings with others.

As a long- term recycler, Industrial Demolition & Environmental Services is committed to the internationally recognised waste management practice of source reduction, reuse, recycling, resource recovery and environmentally safe residue disposal.

The Company is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance through implementation, monitoring and review of its policies, programmes and services.

Industrial Demolition & Environmental Services deals with environmental issues on a daily basis. Many of these issues are inherent in the projects we undertake and must be dealt with individually. Every project we undertake is underpinned by the principle that the protection of the environment ranks equally with every other business activity. With regard to our own tasks, we believe that prevention is better than cure - it is always preferable to prevent an environmental problem emerging than trying to rectify it afterwards.
The Company also embraces resource efficiencies to ensure that our work is conducted in ways, which results in the most efficient use of natural resources.